These are a few of the puppies that have been sired by Cristo and Harvey
To see if we have any puppies available then please visit the Latest Litter Page.

Erinsjoy Jack DanielsErinsjoy Whisky MacErinsjoy Harvey Wallbanger
Tricianbri OliverEchos of Gold Ringlands
Tricianbri Ani SetteTricianbri Black Velvet at ErinsjoyTricianbri Gin Fizz at Ringlands
Bedellus Dizzy LizzyMiss Saigon at TricianbriBobbards Primrose Posy at Maili
Bobbards MayflyBobbards Primrose PosyBobbards Mayfair
Bobbards Sweet PeaBobbards MayflyTricianbri Anastasia
Sanjuper PuppySanjuper Puppy
Erinsjoy Bailys on IceLynlight Puppies
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